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Is SMS Text Messaging Software Easy To Use?

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Did you know that 6.64 billion people own smartphones today? This means billions of text messages are being sent at any given time. For marketers who want to optimize their marketing campaigns, you are going to have a field day with SMS text messaging software.

SMS text messaging is still widely used around the globe — and savvy marketers are now using SMS as an effective communication channel for their customers. While SMS is almost three decades old and incredibly basic as a tool, it remains a major force in customer service solutions. 

In fact, a 2021 study by Attentive mobile shows that 96% of marketers who use text messages claimed to have experienced revenue growth from bulk SMS.

However, some businesses are still wary about using SMS text messaging software. One of the biggest concerns around it is the perceived level of difficulty when utilizing the platform, and whether or not investing in such software can guarantee instant returns and conversions. 

Let’s nip this confusion in the bud once and for all. Below are reasons that explain how easy it is to use SMS text messaging software:

1. Quick & Nimble Mass Text Messaging

With SMS text messaging software, you can easily send bulk text messages or alerts to everyone or segments of your contact list at the same time. 

Once you have your list of numbers, it’s simply a case of composing your message, uploading your data, and setting a date and time.

You can schedule your broadcast to go out at a specific date and time and watch your SMS campaign go through your customers’ phones in minutes or even seconds. 

2. Two-Way SMS: Send & Receive Texts Online 

Fun fact: 74% of consumers prefer conversational experiences that chatboxes can’t provide. With SMS software like Toroware, you can text and respond to your consumers directly, allowing them to converse with a real person so their concerns or requests can be addressed authentically.

A good SMS software also has a simple and easy-to-use online dashboard and mobile app to send, receive, and manage text message conversations. This helps you streamline customer interactions. You can even do texting from your own desktop or laptop computer with PC to SMS software. 

In addition, you can build your contact list from anywhere by having your customers opt-in at checkout or by texting your unique number to join.

3. Get Hundreds of Clicks Within Minutes

Mobile marketing is super fast. Once you press send, your message goes out instantly — and just like that, you have set your text message advertising campaign in motion. Engagement is increased by a thousandfold!

For instance: if you want to announce a massive flash sale, there’s no way your customers will miss this if they receive a notification for it via text. Most of them will be very likely to respond as well since people love coupons and discounts. 

In fact, 77% of consumers admit to signing up for a brand’s text messages to receive coupons and deals. 

Keep your mobile leads coming with one-click calls and text messages when you use SMS sending software. You can respond to these leads immediately too — and the quicker you respond, the more likely they are to convert!

4. Follow Up & Nurture Your Sales and Prospects on Autopilot

You can save a lot of time with automated workflows that drive round-the-clock revenue from using bulk SMS messaging software. Your pre-built automation can welcome new customers, remind them of abandoned shopping carts, or thank them for their purchase at virtually any time.

Three out of four consumers prefer to take action after receiving an automated message. Using a two-way SMS platform, your sales, and prospects can see your automated messages faster, and they can respond in real-time as well. 

5. Target Your Audience With Precision

Most marketing emails get stuck either in a person’s social or promotions boxes. Worse, it goes straight to spam. But the worst thing? They receive it in their inboxes and end up ignoring them.

All that work is dedicated to crafting thoughtful marketing messages and they will never see the light of day—absolutely bad for business.

With SMS software, you can rest assured that most of your customers will open your message — SMS has an astounding 98% open rate compared to email marketing. You can target the right people with a short but punchy message using built-in segments that update in real-time. 

These segmentations are based on campaign activity, shopping behavior, and more, and will help you target specific points in their customer lifecycle.

6. ROI Can Be Tracked With Ease

One great thing about using SMS sending software is that you can see the results right away. You can monitor the clicks made from links within texts and calculate the revenue your next campaign is bringing in the door — all in real-time.

Torowave can give you access to detailed analytics that allows you to oversee each step in the conversion process, making it the best business texting platform in the market right now. Say goodbye to comparing notes or the time-consuming process of syncing data in a snap.

Make Bulk Texting for Business Easier With Torowave

Business texting isn’t just for the big guys anymore. With Torowave, you will have all the power built especially for your small business.

If you’re tired of missing out on conversations and playing phone tag, it is time to invest in Torowave. Convert more prospects into sales and increase your speed to connect with two-way text messaging. 

Increase leads by as much as 131% just by putting the Torowave widget on your website!

Need More Customer Love? Text us!

Torowave brings texting, instant callback technology, automated text workflows, Google My Business Messaging, text broadcasts, and website leads into one platform.

It is time to see what Torowave can deliver to help you engage your prospects and customers faster. Start scaling your business with the easiest SMS text messaging software in the market! Use the button on this page and we’ll respond shortly (and see how easy it is).

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