What Can ToroWave’s Business Text Messaging Deliver For You?

Which of these challenges would you love to solve?

Website Traffic Not Converting

“We’re getting plenty of visitors, but for some reason they’re not moving to the next step.”
Driving traffic to your site is one thing; getting them to convert is another. Many businesses have died on the vine with this challenge, and it’s one that can create ruin quickly.

A simple two-way SMS messaging widget on your website where your customers could quickly text your team gets more visitors connected to your sales staff. For a quick question, potential buyers don’t want to set up a phone meeting or talk to anyone, but they would love to text and get a fast answer.
Texts are easy and not invasive to their day. And you just converted a customer.

Abandoned Carts/ Checkout Pages

“Our numbers getting people to the checkout page are strong, but many drop there and never buy.”

Getting buyers over that final hurdle of paying out their cold hard cash requires a lot of trust and full knowledge that your product or service will solve their needs. Sometimes just a simple question that they didn’t learn from your site is all it takes for them to drop off and never buy.

Place an opportunity for buyers to text in questions right when they are checking out, making it easy to deliver that final answer they need to feel comfortable with their purchase is all it takes in many cases. Don’t let those that are just about ready to fall off.

Email Open Rates Declining

“We’re getting plenty of visitors, but for some reason they’re not moving to the next step.”

Email used to perform great, but open rates across the board have been in a steady decline since 2018, dropping more than 11% year over year. Email blasts that previously brought in a flood of business are now merely a trickle.

Have a big sale announcement or want to spread the good word to many? Sending email marketing blasts will yield barely a 21% open rate. However, when using ToroWave’s SMS marketing software, text messages get an open rate of 98% – that’s almost 5 times as much as email!

Not Enough Reviews To Help With Trust And SEO

“Our product is great and our customers love it, but they aren’t leaving reviews so others don’t know about us.”
Good reviews (especially on Google) do two very important things:
  1. It shows Google that this is a great product, so it can recommend it more – that means you’ll show up more in searches allowing more potential customers to find you.
  2. It shows those potential buyers that your product is great, and seeing these reviews gives them the trust that you can deliver for them as well.
Not having reviews, or having too many bad reviews, kills business.

ToroWave SMS text messaging software has a simple 1-Click Review Process allowing your happy customers the ability to quickly leave you 5 star reviews without any friction or trouble.

We Have Long Sales Cycles

“It is taking way too long for our prospects to sign up.”
Closing deals is nice. Closing deals quickly is fantastic. If prospects take a long time to make a decision and sign up, the company loses out on earlier revenue which causes cash delays.
Using a text messaging system like ToroWave for your business allows your prospects to easily ask simple questions without waiting for a call to get answers. Plus, your sales team can casually check-in without making the follow-up feel formal. All of this leads to much faster close rates, getting you cash sooner, exactly when you need it.

We Don’t Get Many Referrals

“Our customers love our product, I just wish they would tell others about it.”
Referrals are one of the best infusions of cash to a company. They almost always close at higher rates than any other lead source. But even companies with great products get very few referrals, unless they have a process around it.
Using the ToroWave SMS marketing software, you can easily implement an automated referral system that gets your best customers who love you the most to recommend you to their friends. Imagine boosting your referrals business tenfold, with your best customers bringing in more terrific customers, without you having to do anything.

Ready To See If ToroWave Can Solve These Problems For You?

Our Customers Are Upset With Response Times

“It seems like our customers are always frustrated with how long it takes us to get back to them, even though sometimes it’s their fault.”

When customers have a problem, they want a solution. Fast. But traditional ways of  providing support often lead to slow responses, the opposite of what’s needed in a  critical situation. 

When you implement ToroWave, your customers are able to text your support team a question, and your team can respond instantly (right from their computer), getting your customer the answer they need and keeping them happy.

Customers Don’t Like Chatbots (Who Does??)

“I had just a quick question but the bot takes me to the wrong place and never helps.”
We’ve all been there, you just want a simple, quick answer. So you chat on the site widget, and the chatbot gives you articles that don’t relate to your problem, and don’t help at all.
Imagine if instead of an annoying chatbot, they could text your support team a question, then get their question answered (with the correct and relevant answer) by your support team using their SMS customer service software from ToroWave. It’s possible, and it prevents headaches for your customers.

Too Many Customers Are Canceling Their Memberships

“Sometimes our customers let their membership lapse, without even knowing it.”
Having a monthly subscription membership plan is a great way to run a business…when your customers actually keep paying. When they let it lapse it’s painful and the revenue loss can kill a business.
ToroWave makes it easy to capture customers who are at risk to lapse or cancel their membership, text them within the SMS customer service software application and get them back and paid up in full, keeping their monthly payments fueling your company.

Customer Satisfaction Is Low

“Our customers start out excited, but over time their excitement turns into irritation and our satisfaction scores are falling.”
If customers don’t feel like they have a voice, or aren’t listened to, they’ll quickly become frustrated with the company, often voicing their displeasure.
Giving customers an easy outlet to connect with a real live person, suggest ideas, or even just be heard is a huge boost to satisfaction. Using SMS customer service software form ToroWave makes this not only possible, but easy to implement and provide.

Team Members Are Using Their Own Phones To Text

“Our team communicates by text, but as soon as a staffer leaves, their history with the customer leaves with them.”
Something that sounds innocent (team members using their personal phones to text customers) can create major issues. Lost customer history, compliance issues, and a lack of opportunity for oversight and coaching are just some of the problems that can arise with this.
Keep texting your customers (they LOVE it), just allow your team to do it using your ToroWave business SMS software. Your team can still do from their phones in the ToroWave mobile app, so they can continue to help on the go, but you don’t lose the valuable customer information.

We Can’t Respond To Support Messages When We’re Not In The Office

“We are a remote and fluid team, so some customer questions get lost or delayed because we can’t get back to them when we’re not around.”
Many teams are remote these days, or they have schedules that aren’t traditional. And yet customer questions don’t stop. Some tickets are urgent, yet can’t be solved when away from your computer.
Respond to customer questions from anywhere with ToroWave’s mobile app – making it so you and your customer support team can solve every crisis, no matter where you are.

Ready To See If ToroWave Can Solve These Problems For You?