ToroWave Text Messaging: Powerful & Easy-To-Use

Equip your business with all the features you need to grow and scale

Have 1-1 Conversations Or Text Your Whole List!

Two Way Messaging

Make it easy to strike up a conversation. Answer queries, resolve issues and close more deals with text messaging.

Schedule & Send Bulk Texts!

Send messages to thousands of contacts at once! You can also schedule a blast by selecting a date and time.

Tag Segmentation

Segment and add tags to your list. Target your audience specifically for better workflow & mass communication.

Canned Responses

Save your time by answering frequently asked questions in a single click using the canned responses template.

Insert Emojis, GIFs, & vCards

Boost engagement and humanize your brand by inserting pictures, emojis or vCard into your messages.

Collaborate With Your Team

Private Inbox

Provide a unique number to each team member to send and receive messages privately.

Shared Inbox

Add your team members to a shared inbox, so they never miss a conversation.

Import Your Contacts List Or Build A New List From Scratch!

SMS Keywords

Collect phone numbers and grow your list by creating and promoting an SMS keyword.

Import Contacts

Already have a contact list? Import numbers or any other information about your contacts.

"We went from $2M to over $40M per year because of this. Incredible! Thank you so much!"

– DOM, Business Owner

Use The Right Number For Your Business

Landline Texting

Use a registered local number to reach out to your audience more effectively. Text enable your existing landline and start using it.

Toll-Free Texting

Get a toll-free number or enable your current one and have 1-1 conversations while also sending marketing campaigns.

Short Codes

Get easy to remember, dedicated short codes and send both SMS and MMS to your subscribers.

Get Feedback From Your Audience & Grow

Send Surveys

Need feedback on your product or service? Send a survey and get instant feedback.

Set Up Polls

Want to know what your customers are thinking? Push out the questions and start getting answers.

Get Detailed Performance Analytics

Campaign Report

Optimize your campaigns by getting analytics about open and click-through rates of your messages.

Monitor Campaigns

View the number of messages you have sent and received to ensure your message volume is consistent.

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