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You and your team can use either your desktop or your mobile device through our app to respond to texts. If using your computer, all conversations will be organized in a simple dashboard where you can quickly respond. Those responses show up as texts on your contact’s phone. If using your mobile device, it will feel like you’re sending a text message.
You’ll receive an instant notification by email, in the app, and/or as a text message notification on your phone. You can set up how you’re notified in the system.
You can set your office hours or working hours, after which time you can either have automated messages as a response, or invite the user to leave a message for you to handle when you return. You can also turn the notifications off after hours so you aren’t bothered.
Yes. ToroWave is a leading SMS marketing software platform, and allows you to send mass text messages to your audience to announce sales, drive signups, and more.
ToroWave has simple to set up automations that can respond for you.  Book a demo with our team for them to show you how to do this.
Yes. Through the ToroWave mobile app you’ll easily be able to see and respond to texts from your prospects or customers.
If someone calls, they can leave a voice message for you.
Yes, studies have shown that 78% of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business. And 75% of people like offers sent via text.

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