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How Easy is SMS Text Messaging Software to Use?

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SMS text messaging software for individuals is straightforward and has been around for some time. It’s likely you and your team are already accustomed to choosing different features and options and navigating your account’s ins and outs. Generally, if you’re new to any kind of technology, an introduction would be necessary to learn it.

Good news: Digital platforms are getting more and more intuitive as well as powerful with every update. There are more choices available than ever before. The question is now deciding which offers the right balance for you and your business.

It should be easy-to-use yet powerful

When looking for the right SMS marketing software, it’s essential to find one with an intuitive design. Features are important, but if it’s challenging to use or doesn’t fit your company’s needs, chances are good that your employees won’t take advantage of all its capabilities.

Being a powerful tool doesn’t mean it has to be complex or hard to learn. You can find great SMS software that offers everything your business needs with a simple interface people can easily adapt to. It should also be easy to customize and well-organized for when you need additional functionality beyond your usual day-to-day tasks.

On the other end of the spectrum are tools that require more training. This is why some companies offer free training sessions and demos to clients. Although these applications are incredibly powerful for their intended use, they can be challenging for some people who don’t have extensive experience with technology (or who aren’t tech-savvy at all). 

When choosing the best business texting platform, list the features necessary for your company and filter down your options to ones with those. You may need to try bulk SMS messaging software before knowing what you need. Many come with free trials and demos, but you can also do some research to see what industry experts recommend.

How to decide on the right business SMS application?

Knowing what questions to ask will guide you in the direction of what to look for in an SMS sending software. The following are some essential considerations in picking a practical text messaging system for business:

  • How easy is it to get started? Can you sign up for the service in less than a minute? Are there any steps involved in setting up your account, or is it as simple as entering your name and email address?
  • How easy is it to learn how to use the tool on a daily basis? Is there an onboarding process where they teach you how everything works, or would you need to rely solely on experimenting with different features?
  • How often do people find themselves needing support from customer service because something isn’t working properly? How responsive is their customer support?

Many people already know how their SMS tool should fit into their system and work dynamics but aren’t aware of it. You’re likely one of them who needs a little assistance. Answering these questions will get your business to a good start in forming criteria for choosing.

SMS is an Essential Part of Business

Texting customers is a simple and underrated method of communicating directly with customers. Used by support, sales, and marketing teams, it’s an effective and efficient way to establish a relationship with your consumers.

Good software should be built with ease of access between different team members and departments in mind. It should also be made so customers can quickly get in touch with your company, like by integrating it with your website’s contact form.

Texting customers should be simple, easy, and fast so that it seamlessly falls into your day-to-day work routine. The last thing you want is a tool that takes time away from other aspects of your job by being difficult or complicated to use. Here are some features that make the best business texting platforms really simple to get started with and use on a daily basis:

  • Automation – These are easy to set up, and they make your life easier. For example, you can set an integration that automatically sends a follow-up text after a user hasn’t opened their app in 7 days or more. It’s also possible to send someone a reminder text when they haven’t opened it for a set number of days.
  • Automated Responses – AI can now reply like a real employee. Simply record FAQs in the database with appropriate responses for the software to send. It frees up time for your customer service team to focus on other concerns your customers have.
  • Integrations – Integrate with your CRM, Helpdesk, or email marketing system to automatically sync conversations with customers into one place. They’re a great way to streamline communications.
  • Quick reply templates – Use quick reply templates to quickly respond to common or similar statements without typing the same response every time. They’re pre-written messages that you can send to customers with a single click. This feature allows you to create a series of frequently used responses and have them handy at all times, so you don’t have to type out the same message every time.
  • Custom tags – Tag conversations based on keywords so you can group conversations according to topics such as inquiries about pricing or shipping fees.

Some SMS applications will offer additional features. Bulk messaging, however, is a common and necessary feature as it’s the main need for any business for using text messaging tools.

Good Software Offers Simplicity & Functionality

You can say goodbye to long wait times and surf through menu after menu with our simple, easy-to-use texting system. We understand that the most important part of your business is communication. That’s why we developed our easy-to-use text messaging system to reduce wait times and make it easier for you to interact with your customers. Torowave offers a free consultation to help you decide what SMS text messaging software is right for your business. Book one with us today.

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