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Which SMS Software Is the Best?

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The best SMS marketing software should provide brand owners, and marketers access to clients—and vice versa—on a 24/7 basis.

An SMS customer service software connects you to your customers, efficiently sending out marketing and promotional messages while enabling them to respond just as conveniently. So there lies the question, which SMS software is the best?

SMS softwares in the market offer a myriad of services and features—not two software are the same just as there’s no one size fits all solution for your business woes. But certainly, the best business texting software offers more than the competitors can.

What Functionalities Make Up the Best SMS Text Messaging Software?

An excellent text message system for business should offer you wide-ranging features, and allow for intuitive, straightforward usage. You should be able to set up and begin using your SMS sending software right after subscription without any delays.

Great quality of two-way SMS functionality combined with reasonable affordability is a good place to start when considering making an investment in this valuable marketing tool.

Presented here are the foremost abilities you will ever need in the best business texting platform:

1.  Two-Way SMS Messaging

With consumers constantly swiping and tapping on their smart devices on the go, a two-way SMS system allows for instantaneous message delivery. This is especially beneficial for sharing time-sensitive information, increasing SMS open rates, and encouraging quicker responsiveness.

This kind of dynamic communication between your company and your target audiences improves your chances of conversion and making a sale, greater return on investment (ROI), and in turn, a higher bottom line. Make the most out of two-way SMS software and get desired results from your marketing initiatives at a cost that is within your means.

2.  Mass Texting for Business

Change the way you execute SMS marketing and automate the distribution of multiple text messages to thousands of individuals at once.

Mass texting, or bulk texting for business, enables you to pre-schedule sending texts to your customers. This saves you a ton of resources—from time, effort, and funds, to manpower.

3.  Tag Segmentation

This is an impactful attribute of effective SMS marketing software.

Segmentation facilitates the personalization of your SMS marketing strategies based on tags, such as descriptive and behavioral characteristics of existing and prospective customers. These characteristics include their geographical location, gender, age group, profession and range of income, personal interests, frequency of purchases, and brand loyalty.

4.  Canned Response Templates

Promptness is pivotal in client care. It boosts customer satisfaction and conversion rate significantly reduces resolution time and influences greater customer engagement. This is where reliance on relevant and informative canned responses steps in to assist you with faster, more consistent replies to consumer queries.

Canned responses in a texting platform for business are short and crisp pre-drafted templates that help drastically speed up response time. You can base these pre-programmed automated messages on frequently asked questions (FAQs) about common issues encountered, essential company details, and sales processes, to name a few.

These message templates offer clear calls-to-action (CTAs) that usually require short answers such as a yes or a no which an inquiring customer can simply click on. A canned response can also use a drag and drop method for multiple choices.

5.  Easy Use of Emojis, GIFs, and vCards

The best texting service for business allows you to get creative with SMS marketing, too. It provides the option to affix fun emojis, colorful images, and even an electronic business card to your text messages, adding a human touch to an otherwise regular digital client support channel. This also makes the customer journey noteworthy as it enhances your brand reputation and retention.

In addition, it increases the likelihood of engagement and lengthier consumer interaction.

6.  Private and Shared Inboxes

Your SMS software has to streamline collaborative work with your team. Inboxes should be classified under private and shared.

A private inbox is unique and exclusive to each employee, while a shared inbox is accessible to the entire department so everyone is in the loop about organization-wide announcements and updates.

7.  List-Building

For business owners or managers, contact list building is a crucial marketing strategy. Gathering phone numbers together with other vital client details is a practicable approach to growing your subscriber database.

Keeping in touch with your audiences is a key aspect of creating meaningful customer interaction and sustaining customer loyalty. It is important for future references and business transactions as well.

8.  Availability of Several Texting Options

You know a text messaging platform is the best of its kind when it offers a number of SMS channels.

It should allow for landline texting using a registered local number so you can easily reach out and cater to your local market. Toll-free texting is also a must for corresponding with audiences in more distant locations. Finally, short codes have to be enabled on your tool because they are brief and easy to recall.

9.  Audience Growth Capabilities

What more efficient way to know what your target audiences think of your product or service offering and your client support than openly asking their opinion?

Indeed, you can use your SMS software to hand out surveys and release polls to get feedback straight from your customers. It is upfront and uncomplicated, requiring only a few taps on their smartphones so you can get the most candid views and comments on your brand and how you operate your business at large.

10.   App Integration

Linking your SMS software with other apps should be a breeze. Integrate your workflow automation applications such as Zapier, or payment apps like Stripe in a snap.

The Search Is Over

At ToroWave, you can get all these standout SMS software features at economical pricing and in attractive, flexible plans. Regardless of which industry your business may be in—retail, food, fitness, or e-Commerce, you name it and you will surely gain so much from leveraging a remarkable SMS marketing software.
Still having doubts? Let us rid you of any apprehensions and book an online demo call with us—no commitments, it is completely free!

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