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How To Find The Best SMS Marketing Software

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Over the years, people have been reliant on mobile phones. Phones are always within your reach for communication, entertainment, school, or business. While the purpose of using one and its duration varies from age group, statistics show that, on average, Americans check their phones once every four minutes. That is a whopping 344 times a day! 

Cell phones are an integral part of people’s lives today. Businesses, on the other hand, don’t always leverage this to drive revenue further. 

But the ones who do use SMS marketing software thrive.

According to a report from Attentive Mobile, 96% of marketers who use SMS Marketing helped them improve revenue, while almost 60% overwhelmingly increased revenue generation. As consumers stay attached to mobile devices, businesses should find a unique way to connect to them. Among the most effective strategies is text messages.

What is SMS Marketing? 

SMS marketing stands for short message service marketing (it’s another way to refer to text messaging). Businesses using it send their promotions and connect to their prospects and customers via text message. It involves either sending bulk messages to qualified leads, communicating directly one to one, or other ways to communicate with your consumers. Like any other marketing strategy, careful planning, integration, and using the correct SMS software are the best ways to be most effective. 

With the use of SMS Marketing Software, companies can easily communicate with their market and vice versa. It can help you automate your process, expand your reach, and help you respond to leads faster. 

The industry is full of SMS software options with varying features and prices. But finding the right texting platform for your business is crucial to the efficiency of your strategy. To help you find the best SMS Marketing software, here are the essential features you should see:  

1. Two-Way SMS and Contact Segmentation

If your only goal is to let them know about your brand, you can simply send your new promotion to an extensive list of contacts and call it marketing. But today, marketing is a two-way street. Prospects will always have questions, and the faster you can respond, the more likely they will get to convert. 

In choosing the best SMS software, find one that allows two-way SMS so you can communicate well with your prospects and customers. Not only do they get to respond to your messages, but also, they can send your business a text message first through an SMS Texting Widget on your website.

Eventually, you will attract more prospects and this will need contact segmentation. It allows you to organize according to your desired categories or types of prospects. Moreover, it allows you to send the right content to the right people. An example is the Tag Segmentation feature from ToroWave, it allows you to add tags to your contacts, segment your list, and improve your workflow and communication. 

2. Easily Schedule Messages in Advance

Scheduling messages will save you a ton of time and effort. This automation allows you to send specific SMS messages at your chosen time and date as it lets you get ahead of the work. Your SMS marketing software should have an efficient scheduling feature where you can also view these scheduled messages in one place. 

At ToroWave, all your scheduled messages can be found in one simple folder. This lets you have a better overall view of the content and the entirety of the schedule so you can organize it better. 

3. Make Sure You Get Robust Reports/Analytics 

Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand. 

To help increase your sales, you need to have access to reports and analytics on your team’s performance. The best SMS marketing software has advanced yet easily digestible reports that have the right information to help you with future decisions. 

4. Choose One That Has Teammate Integration 

Managing software alone differs depending on the size of your business. For small businesses, teammate integration may not be a concern for now. But it is a good investment as you grow in the process. 

Choose an SMS marketing software platform that allows multiple users so you will never have to worry when an employee is off. At ToroWave, you can have as many users as you like. This keeps you updated with the conversation, attends to prospects or customers’ needs right away, and works together to get the right messages to the right people. 

5. Leverage Free Trials to Know the Platform Better

Using an SMS Marketing Software is an investment; taking advantage of the free-trial lets you experience the software without risk. Trying it out for one or two weeks can help you decide whether it is the best option for you– or the worst software there is. As the trend says, “try before you buy.” 

At the end of the day, you only want the best software for your business. Sign up for a free trial of ToroWave here.

6. Decide According to Your Budget

The quality and efficiency of software are important aspects to know, but you should also consider their cost and if it matches your needs and budget. With a wide range of SMS software choices, there are varying price plans and payment methods for each. Some may follow Usage-Based or Credit Based systems. The former depends on the cost per message sent while the latter gives you credits to spend for a certain time. 

Choose one according to your business needs by scanning through different plans and pricing models that fit your budget. Each has advantages and risks that you should be ready to take. But you can avoid these unnecessary worries with ToroWave by having an SMS Marketing Software expert get you set with the right plan for you. 

The Best SMS Marketing Software Stops You From Playing Phone Tag

An SMS Marketing strategy is effective when done right. Use this guide to find the best software for you. 

Starting your journey in SMS marketing begins with finding the best software for your business. There are many SMS marketing software systems with varying features and prices, but not all of them can be the best for you. Choose one that understands your needs, eases your worries, and lets you take a hold of the conversation. 

Naturally, we think ToroWave has a great combination of simplicity and efficiency of use. It provides all the necessary features you need in SMS Marketing Software at its best value. Scan through available plans and secure the success of your SMS marketing strategy.  

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